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Katrin Reifeiss is a Beacon, NY based designer and artist who owns and operates her namesake collection of hand-dyed clothing and home goods.

Influenced by her love of travel and painting, and the inspiration she finds in the easy lifestyle and her happy place the beach, Katrin creates textile designs using Japanese Shibori and other dye techniques in her upstate NY studio. Specializing in Shibori Katrin takes the traditional Shibori techniques and re-creates them into modern designs. 

As a designer it is her goal to create timeless designs, often of simple shapes to best feature the beauty of the hand-dyed fabric. Katrin creates for those that appreciate the time and effort that goes into each creation, focusing on craftsmanship and creativity, as her pieces are not meant to be disposed of after one season. 

All items are designed and manufactured in the USA and using when possible, materials made in the USA. In addition to creating her own designs she teaches Shibori at Garrison Art Center and has taught at Beacon Art Studio, the Textile Arts Center in NYC and at organization such as the Japan Society in Manhattan.

Sunflower and Midsummer Night Soiree photos by Alea Moore Photography, planning + design by BURKE | DESIGN + PLANNING

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